Zero is an Emo who is a student at Apollo Academy in High School Story. He is introduced in the quest, Placing Pandora.

Zero's Story

Zero first appears as a speaker at the PFP meeting at Athena Academy. When interrogated on his relationship with Brigette and Katherine, he becomes flustered and runs away before the MC and friends can get any straight answer. However, the girls manage to trick him into talking about it and manage to find out that he was dating Brigette until he fell for Katherine. After they kiss, he asks Katherine to go out with him but she said she couldn't betray Brigette. He has been avoiding Brigette ever since. This proves to be a critical piece of evidence in finding out the identity of Pandora.

He later appears in The Games We Play' as the leader of Sakura's former clan in Legends of ClanCraft (LoC for short), a popular MMORPG. He decides to kick her out of the team when Sakura refuses to put up with the sexist comments directed at her from her very own teammates. They discover each other's identities when he asks her to meet up with him in real life.

He becomes the Apollo Academy representative on the Student Council and becomes furious at the MC when he finds out that the MC planted false evidence of Ace's academic history and slandered Ace's name in their school's newspaper. Because of this, he votes for the closure of the MC's school. His eyes are opened when Ace reveals the truth


Zero has red hair in a cropped hairstyle, a stubble, brown eyes and fair skin tone. He wears the Level 1 Emo outfit.

Personality & Characteristics

Zero is a kind and compassionate person who is always seen helping out others, shown by his involvement with 'Places For People'. 



Brigette is Zero's ex-girlfriend. He broke up with her out of the blue and without giving her a reason. Even now, she still wants to know why but whenever she tries to talk to him, he runs away out of guilt. It is implied that she still has feelings for him and misses him.


  • He is a skilled gamer in Legend Of Clancraft, as his team got second place in ClanRumble prior to the events of High School Story. His handlename is Zerothon.
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