• Hi. I restarted this game about 2 months ago after asking your opinion, although I'm not sure you may remember that.

    I’m currently on the hunt for Pandora, completed every quest I received only except for "Zombie Run"(it took many rings of course, but most of the quests were worth it), hella looking forward to getting Rebel types classmates.

    Btw, I want to ask you, who may be the only active administrator, about 2 things.


    According to the Quests page, where I most frequently visiting in this wiki, "Seasonal Quest" is "that become available during Holiday periods and the different seasons in the US". And I see "The Water War" and "Summer Road Trip" are ones of these because those clearly goes well with summer. But in "Happily Ever After", "Magic Funland", and "The Great Escape", I couldn’t find a mention about "Holiday periods" or specific seasons. I wonder those are in fact "Side Quest", not seasonal. If I’m wrong, what exactly is the difference between Side and Seasonal Quests?


    I’m not complaining, but some other Wiki has a forum(?) page, in the form of "". Isn’t there a forum like this in HSS wiki? If not, where can I write something about this game when I feel commenting is not enough?

    Thanks as always for maintaining this Wiki, which has been very helpful. I hope you have a nice day!

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    • Hi, thank you for your message


      I always write here, for anything everything, good place to start writing

      1. seasonal quests are not only for that 4 season, other available season, but Happily Ever After is more like a.. time sensitive quest, and if you feel that the category is wrong, you can always edit it..

      and yes still remember your question 2 months ago..:D

      take care..

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    • Thanks for the reply. :)

      1. I thought every quest's category was clearly defined by Fixelberry. If it's not, well, I guess I can ignore this.

      2. Oh... right. I forgot about the blog. Good to know.

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    • this fandom is solely made by fans, Pixelberry does not own this fandom. you can also update or change the content according to newest release from the game.. especially the quest requirement...:)

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