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The Musical is a special, All-Star Quest in High School Story. Lea Michele (Glee, Scream Queens) comes to your school for an exclusive Celebrity Take-Over!!! She is dropping by your school to help jumpstart your musical theater program! You can add her to your school, dress up in 6 Lea-inspired outfits (from the store) and play exclusive quests featuring Lea herself!


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Spend 20 coins None 150 books
2 A Girl Jock Except the MC
A Guy Nerd Except the MC
A Guy Prep Except the MC
20 minutes 25 books
3 Have Level 3+ MC None 200 coins
4 Have Payton None 200 books
5 Payton 2 hours 150 books
6 500 books None 500 coins

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