Slacker Hangout

The Slacker Hangout (not upgraded)



The Slacker Hangout is unlocked at Level 13 and can be found in the Buildings section of the Store. It is one of the nine hangouts that are unlocked with a base character type. In this case, the Slacker is one of the classmates you unlock when you reach Level 13.

In-Game Description

Long Description: This is where Classmates can practice skateboard tricks in a halfpipe, blitz, through seasons of TV, or just chill with some friends. If that sounds unproductive...that's the whole point! Build the Slacker Hangout to make sure your school has a designated spot for maximum procrastination.

Tagline: Build now... or get to it later.


The Slacker Hangout unlocks at Level 13, it can be bought from the Store for 240,000 coins and takes 1 day 12 hours to build. Its capacity is two students and holds a maximum of 7,000 coins.

At Level 16 the Slacker Hangout can be upgraded for 500,000 coins and takes 3 days to complete. It now holds four students and has a maximum of 18,500 coins.


The classmate types that can be placed in the Slacker Hangout are as follows:

Classmate Type Combination
Slacker Base
Skater Slacker + Jock
Hipster Slacker + Prep
Emo Slacker + Artist
Class Clown Slacker + Nerd
Hip Hop Slacker + Musician
Goth Slacker + Rebel
Earth Club Slacker + Class President
Surfer Slacker + Jock + Artist
Country Slacker + Jock + Musician
Movie Star Slacker + Prep + Artist