Skaters are a type of classmate. They are a combination of Slacker and Jock classmates and can be placed in either of these Hangouts.

The female skater is rarer than the male skater.

In-Game Description

Backside? Goofyfoot? Nosehook Impossible? If you like the lingo, you'll love Skaters! Besides...Everybody just walking around campus is boring! Skaters turn the daily grind into a daily grind!


Skater classmates can be placed in Slacker or Jock Hangout.


All types have one pose that is unique for their Classmate type. The Skater Classmate's pose is holding a skateboard while bending their knees and kicking out their right and left foot.

Earning Rates


  • Level 1: 96 CpH
  • Level 2: 106 CpH
  • Level 3: 116 CpH
  • Level 4: 126 CpH
  • Level 5: 136 CpH
  • Level 6: 146 CpH
  • Level 7: 156 CpH
  • Level 8: 166 CpH
  • Level 9: 176 CpH
  • Level 10: 186 CpH


  • Level 1: 101 CpH
  • Level 2: 111 CpH
  • Level 3: 121 CpH
  • Level 4: 131 CpH
  • Level 5: 141 CpH
  • Level 6: 151 CpH
  • Level 7: 161 CpH
  • Level 8: 171 CpH
  • Level 9: 181 CpH
  • Level 10: 191 CpH


There are several party combinations that will result in a Skater. However, it must be noted that the female Skater is more rare than the male, so it will take more tries to admit the female Skater using the same student combination(s). As the Skater is part Slacker and part Jock, any combination of students, so long as they are part of these cliques, should work. It is possible to get a Skater (both genders) using a combination that has other cliques involved. For example, it is possible to party an Emo and Band, since it will satisfy the need for a Slacker and Jock clique in the party. However, this is not recommended, as it can result in many different classmate types and should not be relied upon.

Party and Admission Lengths

For the male Skater, the party's length will be 11 hours, the admission is the same.

For the female Skater, the party's length will be 1 day and 8 hours, the admission is the same.

Combination List

  • Jock + Slacker
  • Skater + Skater
  • Jock + Skater
  • Slacker + Skater


The rarity for a male Skater is 1 star or common. The rarity for a female Skater is 4 stars or ultra rare.


The male Skater can be purchased in the Store for 600 rings, while the female Skater costs 6,000 rings. This simply indicates that the female Skater is the rarer classmate because she costs more.

When selling Skater classmates, the male is worth 2,000 coins, while the female is worth 4,000 coins.


Composed Of


Skaters are a dual-type.

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