Rings are a type of currency used in High School Story.


Ring are the most exclusive currency and can be earned in a variety of ways: answering surveys in The Dish, completing Time-Sensitive Quests, Seasonal Quests, watching advertisements, completing levels on Extra Credit, visiting friends' schools, linking friends, and when a couple reaches a new level in Dating. On the other hand, rings can be used to purchase Hairstyles, Outfits, Decorations, the Platinum Hangout and Classmates.

Types Of Purchases

Type Cost Amount
Stack Of Rings $1.99 280 rings
Bunch Of Rings $4.99 770 rings
Locker Of Rings $19.99 3360 rings
Crate Of Rings $49.99 9100 rings
Vault Of Rings $99.99 19,600 rings


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