Quests are a main game feature in High School Story.


There are many different types of Quests available to the player. These include Main Story Quests, Help Quests (Classmate & Character), Side Quests, Arc Quests, Seasonal Quests and Date Quests.

Main Story Quests

Completing Main Story Quests are the only way a player can level up and progress in the game. Rewards received from Main Story Quests will always include XP, which are necessary to level up. These quests are sequential meaning quests will need to be completed in a certain order. Storylines can be slightly changed when Main Characters are dating each other.

Help Quests

Help Quests are unlocked each time a new classmate is admitted and enrolled into the player's school. Each quest has a story unique to each Classmate/Character which allow the plater to get to know them better. These are divided into:

Classmate Help Quests

Classmate Help Quests refer to quests unlocked after admitting the different Classmate types that the game has to offer. The story is the same regardless of the gender of the Classmate but dialogue is slightly different if the player is dating the classmate they are helping.

Character Help Quests

Character Help Quests refer to quests unlocked after admitting Main Story Characters. These quests help the player get to know the All-Stars on a more personal level and the player can find out more about their lives outside of the school unlike in Main Story Quests. Same as with Classmate Help Quests, dialogue is slightly different if you are dating the character you are helping.

All-Star Quests

All-Star Quests refer to quests that introduce All-Stars and all subsequent quests that are unlocked after recruiting them. These quests help the player get to know the All-Stars better and the player can find out more about their lives outside of the school unlike in Main Story Quests. Same as with Classmate Help Quests, dialogue is slightly different if you are dating the character you are helping.

Side Quests

Side Quests have little to no bearing on the Main Storyline though they might mention mention events that transpired in Side Quests in Main Story Quests. They are unlocked when the player reaches certain levels in the game. Pixelberry mights also use these quests to advertise their other games or introduce new characters. These quests are neither Premium nor Time-Sensitive except for Class Act and the quests listed listed under "Premium".

Premium Side Quests

Premium Side Quests are Side Quests but require rings to be paid to view them. These quests are all Premium and Time-Sensitive, except for a few that require coins instead.

Feature Quests

Feature Quests refer to quests that introduce new Game Features or contain messages from the High School Story staff.

Arc Quests

Arc Quests refer to continual sets of quests that are standalone from the Main Story Quests. Each Arc has it's own storyline and generally have little to no bearing on the Main Storyline except for the introductions of Ezra, Koh and Ace. Arc Quests are sequential and require the preceding quest to be completed before the next one is unlocked. These quests are neither Premium nor Time-Sensitive except for the quests listed listed under "Premium".

Premium Arc Quests

Premium Arc Quests are Arc Quests but require rings to be paid to view them. All of these Quests, including the Follow Up Quests, are Premium and Time-Sensitive except for The Perfect Prom, which requires coins instead.

Date Quests

Date Quests refer to quests that allow you spend time with the classmate you are dating. Dates in the "Main Quest Section" become available after the player reaches certain levels in the game and are released periodically.

Seasonal Date Quests

Seasonal Date Quests are Date Quests that become available during Holiday periods and the different seasons in the US. These quests are all Premium and Time-Sensitive.

Fantasy Photo Booth Dates

The Fantasy Photo Booth allow you to see what it would be like if you were dating certain Characters in the story. These include Main Story Characters, All-Stars or even students from Hearst High. Dates for each Character become available after said Character is admitted into the school, except for those from Hearst High. They are like Arc Quests, since each Character has their own unique storylines and are sequential. These Dates will not affect the Main Storyline or the dialogue for other Character Dates. These quests are mostly Premium.

Seasonal Quests

Seasonal Quests refer to quests that become available during Holiday periods and the different seasons in the US. These include Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween and many more. These quests are neither Premium nor Time-Sensitive except for the quests listed listed under "Premium".

Premium Seasonal Quests

Premium Seasonal Quests are Seasonal Quests but require rings to be paid to view them. All of these Quests, including the Follow Up Quests, are Premium and most are Time-Sensitive.


Quests will typically contain 6-10 Parts. There are certain requirements that need to be met to complete a part and to receive awards. These requirements are often followed with a set duration of waiting time before the player can advance. The time is located on the right hand side of the quest screen above the Rewards Section and green "START" button.

Upon completion of a quest, you will receive rewards. These will be a combination of coins, rings, books, experience (XP) and new classmates. The reward often depends on the type of quest you have completed. Rewards will be displayed alongside the duration of the quest on the right side. When a quest has been completed, the Quest Target will flash and a green "COLLECT REWARD" button will appear where the "START" button was located.

Main Story Quests

Level 1: Tutorial Quests

Level 2: Footbrawl

Level 3: The First Party

Level 4: The Party Girl

Level 5: Homecoming

Level 6: Mission Nerdpossible

Level 7: School Overnight

Level 8: The Mystery

Level 9: The Mean Girl

Level 10: The Show Must Go On

Level 11: The Science Fair

Level 12: The Final Challenge

Level 13: The Wild Wes

Level 14: The Gamer Girl, Heist School Story, The Showdown

Level 15: School Carnival, Talent Show, The Cotillion, Pandora's Revenge

Level 16: Soccer Sabotage, The Art Festival, Placing Pandora, Country Club Caper

Level 17: Pandora Revealed, Greek Holiday, Mock Trial, Presumed Guilty

Level 18: Innovation Challenge, Clash of Companies, The Fundraiser, Cheer Camp

Level 19: Road to the Playoffs, Double Showdown, The Playoffs, Finals Road Trip

Level 20: State Finals, The Games We Play, Building the Clan, Rumble of the Clans

Level 21: Rookie of the Cheer, Halftime Hero, Q & A, Quiz Bowl

Level 22: Setting the Stage, Stage Fright, Opening Night, Missing in Action

Level 23: Roomies, Koh Court, The Timberline Express, A Scandal in Cascadia

Level 24: Something Wicked, The Parent Trap, The Second Chance, Katherine's First Day

Level 25: Getting on Track, Relay Rumble, The Victory Banquet, The Hero's Journey

Level 26: HeroCon, Scavenger Hunt, Search and Sabotage, Cross-Town Dance

Level 27: Maximum Damage, A House Divided, Divided We Fall, Capitol Treasure

Level 28: Young Leaders Conference, Dream Team, Dodge City, Green Thumbs

Level 29: Zunanarama Showdown, Just Desserts, Go With The Float, Lockdown

Level 30: Hot On The Trail, The Secret Menu, The Mastermind, Expelled

Level 31: Moment of Truth, Foxtail River, The Siege of Fort Smash, 12 Angry Classmates

Level 32: Fit For Print, Chemical Reaction, Trial By Fire, Work It

Level 33: Thief In The Night, Midsummer Magic, Speaking Up, Learning the Ropes

Level 34: Preston in Paris, The Mayor's Hammer, Hostile Territory, Know Thy Enemy

Level 35: The Note, The Transfer Student, Things Have Changed, Enemy Recruitment, Star-Crossed

Level 36: Some Sabotage, Fighting Back, Get Out the Vote, The Final Tally, The Perfect Day

Help Quests

Character Help Quests

Autumn: The Art of Heart


Julian: Anger Management



Koh: Daughter of Anarchy

Mia: The Debutante Debacle

Nishan: Dungeons and Dorkness

Payton: Party Animals

Sakura: Game of Life

Wes: The Guitar Job

Classmate Help Quests

Jock: The Iron Warrior

Nerd: Greencoat Convention

Prep: Fashion Passion

Cheerleader: Bring The Cheer

Gamer: Game On

Student Gov: Model Students

Wallflower: Shy of the Beholder

Artist: Portrait of an Artist

Dancer: Step Up 2 Dance

Filmmaker: Frightmare the 13th

Actor: The Audition

Vampire: Stake Out

Mascot: Masks and Mascots

Elf: Elf Undercover

Writer: The Write Way

Fast Food: Summer Job Hijinks

Musician: Atonement Tour

Glee: Feel the Glee

Band: Halftime Heroes

DJ: Drop the Beat

Virtuoso: Once More With Feeling

Heartthrob: Lonely Hearts

Slacker: Dude, Where's My Card?

Skater: Skate of Emergency

Hipster: Hipster Hijinks

Emo: Finding Emo

Class Clown: Funny Business

Hip Hop: Rhymes and Reason

Country: Grillin' 'n' Chillin'

Movie Star: The Entourage

Surfer: Crushing Blue

Class President: Hail to the Chief

Varsity: Oh Captain, My Captain

Anime Club: Catch Them All

Yacht Club: Overboard

Yearbook: Person of the Year

Earth Club: Team Earth

Jazz Club: All That Jazz

Foodie: Foodie-Licious

Outdoor: The Morgan Trail

Equestrian: Horsing Around

Rock Climber: New Heights

Scout: Gotta Scout Them All

Music Festival Fan: Soul Song

Rebel: Rebel With A Cause

Hacker: A Broken Code

Parkour: Hardcore Parkour

Club: A Tale of Two Clubs

Street Artist: Concrete Canvas

Punk Rock: Sold Out

Goth: Black Mettle

Auto Club: Fast and Curious

Werewolf: Were the Heart Is

Homecoming: The Royal Treatment

Prom: Promising Beginnings

All-Star Help Quests

Ace: Weekend Warrior

Beckett: The Hedgehog, The Beckett List

Calvin: Bromantic Comedy, Banding Together (Calvin's Quest)

Chase: You're All That, That's Rich

Clawdeen: Clawdeen's Story

Cleo: Cleo's Story

Dizzy: Schooled, Our Anthem

Draculaura: Draculaura's Story

Ellie: Who's That Girl?, Here To Cheer

Frankie: Frankie's Story

Hannah: The Country Girl

Janey: Into The Woods, Survival Of The Fittest

Lea Michele: The Musical

Logan: In Step, Last Dance

Monster High: A Monster High Halloween

Phoebe: The Triple Tiara, This Means War (Phoebe's Quest)

Quinn: The Making Of, Blooper Reel

Ryan: Meow We're Talking, Along for the Ride

Santa: Santa's Helper

Shane: Breaking Routine, Say it Again, Shane

Sebastian: Movie Madness, Star-Studded

Talia and Tariq: Double Trouble, It Takes Two

Side Quests

Level 5: Choices

Level 6: Hollywood U

Level 7: Home Field

Level 8: Lights, Camera, Action

Level 9: How Could It Be

Level 11: V is for Victory

Level 16: Class Act (Time-Sensitive)

Premium Side Quests

Level 3: The Last Minute Birthday Party

Level 4: The Perfect Prank

Level 5: Red Carpet Getaway

Level 6: College Party

Level 7: The Ambush

Level 8: RoboZombiePocalypse

Level 9: Autumn in New York

Level 11: Slumber Party

Level 13: Life is a Beach

Level 14: Paris Fashion Week, Truth or Dare

Feature Quests

Level 4: The Closet

Level 5: Your Voice, Fantasy Photo Booth, The Prom Throne

Level 6: Makeovers, The Clique Closet, Extra Credit

Level 7: Weekly Goals, Official School Shirt


Water Lily Apology

Weekly Goals Apology

Arc Quests

Ace Saga: The Contender, Heating Up, Election Day, Power Play, Raising the Stakes, No Good Deed, True Colors, What Goes Around, Mutual Enemies, The Buck Stops Here

Ask Payton: Ask Payton, Ask Payton Again

Band: Ready to Rock, Banding Together, Battle of the Bands, Music Festival (Quest), Management Crisis, The Album, The Look, The Dolphin Room, Headliners, Commercialized, The Rule of Cool, The Nova Theater, Zero Hour

Born This Way Foundation: Monster High School Story, Born This Way

Girls Who Code: Girls Who Code, Summer of Coding

Hope's Story: Hope's Story Part I, Hope's Story Part II, Hope's Story Part III, The Cybersmiler

My School Story: My School Story, The Not-So Party Girl, Shady Business, The Pecking Order, Bad News Bloggers, Makeover Madness, This Means War, Burn Blog, Blogger's Remorse

Nick: Drama King, The Other You

Razor: Vandal Scandal, Unusual Suspects, Razor's Edge, Rocking Razor

Autumn's Troubles: Retail Therapy, The Falling Out,The Wedding, House Party

The Yearbook: The Yearbook, Mia's Story

Twin Branches: Just Dance-A-Thon, Luxury Lake House, Kimi's Sweet Sixteen

Making Dough: Making DoughRecipe for DisasterThe Cookie Crumbles

Premium Arc Quests

Know Your Friends: Know Your Friends, Do You Know Julian?, The Wes Test

Nishan's Fanfiction: Nishan's Fanfiction, Nishan's Fanfiction 2.0

Murder Mystery: Murder Mystery, Medieval Murder

Prom (Seasonal): The Prom-posal, The Perfect Prom (Not Premium)

Date Quests

Level 6: Love and the City

Level 14: Surprise Date Night, Ultimate Beach Party, Your Date, Your Date: What If?, Great Eggspectations, Couples Challenge

Seasonal Date Quests

Level 8: Love At First Fright

Level 10: Sleigh Ride

Level 12: New Year's Kiss, Heart to Heart

Fantasy Photo Booth Dates

Autumn: The Art of Love, A Hint of Romance

Beckett: Wanderlust, Written in the Stars

Chase: From Spain With Love

Ezra: The Rock Star, Siren Song

Hannah: Cross My Heart

Julian: Boardwalk Romance, The It Couple, The Quinceanera, The Question, Once Upon A Prom

Kallie: Tongue-Tied

Kara: Queen of Hearst, Change of Heart

Koh: Paint the Town

Logan: Take The Lead, Last Dance

Max: The Bad Boy, Rapid Romance, The Friend Test, Falling For You

Mia: The Cheerleader, Miss Independent, Derby Dreams

Nick: Much Ado About Nick

Nishan: Romantic Chemistry

Payton: More Than Friends, Zoo For Two

Sakura: Steam Come True, Love Games

Wes: Love on the Run, Dealing in Love

Ace: Making It Work

Seasonal Quests

Level 5: Valentine's Day

Level 6: Friendsgiving

Level 11: Thanksgiving Parade

Level 15: The Mild West

Level 16: Picture Perfect

Level 17: Black Friday

Premium Seasonal Quests

Level 5: Haunted Hearts, Special Valentines

Level 6: Harvest Festival, Playing Cupid, Halloween Party (2014 Quest)/Halloween Party (2015 Quest), Holiday Party, Happy New Year, Snow Day, Ski Trip

Level 7: Summer Road Trip, Schoolympics, Ghost House, The Rhyme Before Xmas, Gift Exchange, St Patrick's Day, Spring Fling, The Besties, Grad Party, The Birthday Bash/Nishan's Birthday

Level 8: Superball Party, Pi Day, Summer of Play/Summer Splash

Level 9: The All-Star Party, Spring Break, Hearst School Story, Zombie Run, Zombie Run: What If?

Level 10: Easter Egg Hunt, Pumpkin Spice Everything

Level 11: April Fool's Day, Welcome to Rio

Level 12: Snack Attack, World Water Day

Level 14: Finals Freakout, Independence Day, The Countdown, It's a Winterful Life

Level 15: The Water War, Magic Funland, Ghost Blasters, The Great Escape, The Heat Wave, Happily Ever After, Into Orbit, Midnight Blockbuster, Secret Santas

Level 16: Making The Team, Nishan the Jock

Level 17: Fantasy Football

Level 18: Koh-Karts


Camp Pineridge

Family Tree

Julian's Secret


Welcome to Brazil

Wes vs Julian

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