Professor Edwin is a professor and the principal at the MC's school. She is introduced in the quest, The Science Fair.

Prof. Edwin's Story

She first appears as a member of the School Board and one of the three people that the MC and friends must impress in order to be recognised as an official school. She was initially skeptical about the efficiency of the MC's school because of the near non-existent faculty but admits she is pleasantly surprised by how well the school is being managed by the students. Her skepticism promptly returns when Nishan's model volcano erupts on her. She scorns the students for being careless and not having any safety regulations in place, and then storms off in a fit of rage.

In The Showdown, she goes to the MC's school after being called on by two Student Gov members. The purpose of this was to give her evidence of the corruption within Hearst High, including the wealthier students buying their good grades, the honour students being made to suffer because of the grading curve, and Principal Warren blackmailing and threatening to fire Mr. Georgette if he did not turn a blind eye and keep quiet. She says that she has always known about Hearst High's corruption but never had any evidence to prove it. She takes the story to the press, keeping her sources anonymous. She then asks the School Board to closely monitor Hearst High and to suspend Principal Warren, without pay.

She appears again in "Heating Up". When the MC is trying to campaign in the cafeteria, a food fight breaks out and she immediately blames the MC despite not knowing who exactly started it.

She appears in quests such as Innovation Challenge, Clash of Companies .... and many more.


Prof. Edwin has black hair in an angled bob hairstyle, brown eyes and dark skin tone. She wears the Level 10 Student Gov outfit.

Personality & Characteristics

Prof. Edwin is a serious and strict person. She is also extremely proud as she doesn't like to give people second chances and doesn't like to admit she's wrong unless there is proof that she is being unfair. She seems to dislike the MC and friends as she always blames them when something goes wrong or something bad happens.

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