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The Prep Hangout is unlocked at the beginning of the game and can be found in the Hangouts section of the store. It is one of the nine hangouts that are unlocked with a base character type. In this case, the prep is one of the classmates you unlock when starting the game.

Prep Hangout (not upgraded)


In-Game Description

Long description: Refinement, elegance, soy lattes... these are a few words that describe the cultivated grandeur of the Prep Hangout. This hangout will appeal to Classmates who expect only the finest things in life... like fancy cars and ponies!

Tagline: Style and substance. Mostly style!


The Prep Hangout can be bought from the Store for 500 coins and takes ? hours to build. Its capacity is three students and holds a maximum of 1,000 coins.

At Level 7 the Prep Hangout can be upgraded for 20,000 coins and takes 10 hours to complete. It now holds five students and has a maximum of 2,500 coins.


The classmate types that can be placed in the Prep Hangout are as follows:

Classmate Type Combination


Cheerleader Prep + Jock
Student Gov Prep +Nerd
Actor Prep + Artist
Hipster Prep + Slacker
Club Prep + Rebel
Glee Prep + Musician
Yacht Club Prep + Class President
Equestrian Prep + Outdoor
Wallflower Prep + Nerd + Jock
Writer Prep + Nerd + Artist
Vampire Prep + Artist + Jock
Mascot Prep + Artist + Jock
Movie Star Prep + Artist + Slacker
Foodie Prep + Artist + Class President
Homecoming Prep + Jock + Nerd + Artist
Prom Prep + Jock + Nerd + Musician