Owen Harris is a Jock who is a student at Twin Branches in High School Story. He was also a central character in Surviving High School. He is introduced in the quest, Just Dance-A-Thon.

Owen's StoryEdit

In SHS Owen Harris is the 'New Guy' in Season 1, which was released in the updated Surviving High School. Owen was introduced as the new main male protagonist of the game as a replacement of Howard and John who were the main male protagonists of the game before they graduated, and Owen came. Owen's most notable story so far has been his relationships with Zoe and Paige and his troubled past.

He knew Autumn and Wes from when they were still students there.


Owen has brown hair in a mop-top hairstyle, brown eyes and caramel skin tone. He wears the Level 1 Jock outfit.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

He is kind but competitive with Julian and cares for Kimi. Owen shows he has a liking for clowns in the quest "Kimi's Sweet Sixteen".