The Musician Hangout (not upgraded)


The Musician Hangout is unlocked once you reach Level 9 and can be found in the Buildings section of the Store. It is one of the nine hangouts that are unlocked with a base character type.

In-Game Description

Long Description: Is your school beginning to feel a little one note? Add a Musician Hangout to unleash a literal symphony of melody-minded classmates! Soon you'll be singing, 'The halls are alive with the sound of music!'

Tagline: Your pitch perfect pad.


The Musician Hangout unlocks at Level 9, it can be bought from the Store for 40,000 coins and takes 6 hours to build. Its capacity is three students and holds a maximum of 2,400 coins.

At Level 15 the Musician Hangout can be upgraded for 300,000 coins and takes 2 days 12 hours to complete. It now holds five students and has a maximum of 6,500 coins.


The classmate types that can be placed in the Musician Hangout are as follows:

Clasmate Type Combination
Musician Base
Glee Musician + Prep
Band Musician + Jock
DJ Musician + Nerd
Virtuoso Musician + Artist
Hip Hop Musician + Slacker
Punk Rock Musician + Rebel
Jazz Club Musician + Class President
Music Festival Fan Musician + Outdoor
Heartthrob Musician + Jock + Artist
Country Musician + Jock + Slacker
Prom Musician + Prep + Nerd + Jock


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