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Murder Mystery is the first Quest in the "Murder Mystery" Arc in High School Story. It is Time-Sensitive and Premium.

You run into Nishan on your way to the cafeteria, dressed...as a Butler?! But wait, it gets even weirder when he hands you an invitation to...Autumn and Julian's Wedding? Is this a weird dream, an elaborate ruse or has your OTP finally tied the knot? What could all of this mean?


See here for spoilers.


Part Requirements Duration Reward
1 Free Preview!
300 rings
None 15,000 coins
2 Mia
6 hours 200 books
3 Wes 8 hours 10,000 coins
4 Julian 10 hours 12,000 coins
5 Payton 12 hours 11,000 coins
6 Nishan 16 hours 13,000 coins
7 The MC 14 hours 14,000 coins
8 Ezra
A Classmate Except Autumn
18 hours 15,000 coins
250 books