Lacey is a student at Athena Academy in High School Story. She is introduced in the quest, Talent Show.

Lacey's Story

Lacey was the School President of Athena Academy. Sometime before Talent Show, her father's business goes into financial bankruptcy and Lacey is forced to continue going to Athena Academy on a scholarship.

When Katherine first enrolled at Athena Academy, Lacey sees her as a threat because of how nice she is to everyone.

It turns out that she was the one who was behind all of the "Pandora" incidents and therefore, was Pandora herself. Her reasons were to fit in with the rest of the students at Athena Academy (who all come from privileged families) and to be popular, and she believed she needed money to do that. She uses the President's funds to buy expensive designer clothes and shoes.


Lacey has red hair in a voluminous wavy hairstyle, accessorized with a thin gray headband, brown eyes, and olive skin tone. She wears the "Prep School" outfit which costs 20,000 coins.

Personality and Characteristics

Prior to being found out as Pandora, she was friendly, generous, and flirtatious towards the MC and the MC's classmates. She even invited them to Athena Academy's Cotillion. However, when her true nature is revealed, Lacey was shown to be ruthless and cunning when needed and treated those around her like mere pawns such as Katherine and Kara. When she is released from juvenile detention, she is still the same. She constantly makes snide and rude remarks towards the MC and Katherine. However, it is revealed in the quest, Young Leaders Conference that she can be a hard-worker and will acknowledge talent since she congratulated Katherine on winning an award before leaving.



Lacey was one of Brigette's best friends and were almost always seen together until Lacey was revealed as Pandora and arrested. After Lacey is released, Brigette decides to give her another chance and believes she has changed. They were also a part of the same team in Scavenger Hunt although she doesn't approve of her and Max cheating.


Katherine is afraid of Lacey and does whatever she asks however, she still considers her one of her best friends. They were almost always seen together until she finds out that Lacey was the one blackmailing her and the MC's friends. After she is released, Lacey picks on her everyday and it got so bad that Katherine decided to transfer to the MC's school.


Max is Lacey's current boyfriend. When they first met, they began flirting with each other immediately even though Kara and Max were still together. Soon after he breaks up with Kara, he and Lacey start going out. They are similar; both are sometimes unnecessarily cruel and will resort to anything to get what they want.

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