Kimi Chen is a Hipster who is a student at Twin Branches in High School Story. She was also a central character in Surviving High School. She is introduced in the quest, Just Dance-A-Thon.

Kimi's Story

The MC first meets her at a dance competition where she and Owen are competing with Julian and Autumn to win. Twin Branches wins after Jack Carver locks up Kimi and Julian and Autumn decides to dance with Owen as Kimi's replacement. They share their prize with the MC, Autumn, and Julian because of this as seen in Luxury Lake House. After this, Kimi invites you to her birthday party in Kimi's Sweet Sixteen but it does not go as planned as everyone she invited, except Owen, came down with food poisoning and her parent's decide to change everything about her birthday party to suit her little sister's tastes. So to cheer Kimi up, the MC, Julian, and Autumn decide to take her around town to do things that Kimi would enjoy. Following this quest, she and Owen appear every so often at celebrations and parties.


She has black hair in a long straight hairstyle, brown eyes and olive skin tone. Kimi's appearance in Surviving High School is quite a big difference to her appearance in High School Story. In SHS, she has an emo/gothic appearance but in HSS, she has dropped the emo/gothic appearance and dresses more like a style icon, wearing the Level 7 Hipster outfit.

Personality & Characteristics

Kimi is a sweet and friendly person, very much like Autumn. She appears to be quite unique, as implied by the MC's conversations with her, but she has confidence in herself and isn't afraid to be different.


  • Kimi is 16 years old.
  • She has expressed interest in getting a tattoo.


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