Kara Sinclair is a Cheerleader who is a student at Hearst High in High School Story. She is introduced in the Tutorial Quests


Kara has black hair in a high ponytail, brown eyes and olive skin. She wears the Level 4 Cheerleader outfit with color variation; orange, white and green to represent Hearst High.

Personality & Characteristics

Kara is undoubtedly loyal to her school, and is willing to get her hands dirty in order to achieve her aims. She has mostly been shown to be cruel, rude and vindictive towards the MC and their friends, and often sought ways to undermine their efforts to protect/improve their school. It is shown in the quest, Pandora Revealed, that Kara can be incredibly opportunistic and quick on her feet, as she was able to use the reveal of Pandora's identity to persuade the school board to drop all charges and suspicions aimed at Hearst High. However, when her relationship with Max starts to fall apart, her attitude towards your classmates, particularly Nishan (who encourages her to stand up for herself) and the MC, begins to change. She shows remorse for cheating in Search And Sabotage and when the MC is expelled and is forced to attend Hearst High, she is the only one who is sympathetic and even offers the MC a seat at her table when everyone else was treating the MC badly.


Addison Sinclair

Though it isn't confirmed, it is possible that she is related to Addison Sinclair from Hollywood U as they share the same last name.


She was once friends with Mia because they were both cheerleaders but when Mia helps the MC, Kara isn't friends with Mia anymore.


It was hinted that she was friends with Payton.


Prior to the beginning of High School Story, she was dating Max and they were known as the "power couple" at Hearst High. Cracks in their relationship began appearing in the quest, Something Wicked, when Max refused to watch Kara in a production of MacBeth and his mistreatment of her. They break up after Kara defends herself and he moves on quickly and starts dating Lacey.


As of level 22 onwards, Kara begins to develop feelings for Nishan.


  • Kara weighs 115 pounds as mentioned in one of the quests.
  • During a date in the Fantasy Photo Booth, you find out that Kara is a bookworm. She collects books and is a known regular at a used bookstore, The Book Nook.
  • She is featured in one of Pixelberry's other games, Choices: The Stories You Play.
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