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General Information

Jock Hangout (Lvl.1)


The Jock Hangout is unlocked at the beginning of the game and can be found in the Hangouts section of the store. It is one of the nine hangouts that are unlocked with a base character type. In this case, the jock is one of the classmates you unlock when starting the game.


Long Description: Equipped with racks of weights, climbing walls, and plenty of room to run around, the Jock Hangout is a great place to break a sweat... or just take a break! This is where your sporty Classmates will huddle to work hard and get strong.

Tagline: Life is a team sport. Game on!


The Jock Hangout can be bought from the Store for 500 coins and takes ? hours to build. Its capacity is three students and holds a maximum of 2,000 coins.

At Level 8 the Jock Hangout can be upgraded for 30,000 coins and takes 12 hours to complete. It now holds five students and has a maximum of 4,500 coins.


The classmate types that can be placed in the Jock Hangout are as follows:

Classmate Type Combination
Jock Base
Cheerleader Jock + Prep
Gamer Jock + Nerd
Dancer Jock + Artist
Skater Jock + Slacker
Band Jock + Musician
Parkour Jock + Rebel
Varsity Jock + Class President
Rock Climber Jock + Outdoor
Mascot Jock + Prep + Artist
Wallflower Jock + Prep + Nerd
Vampire Jock + Prep + Artist (Expired)
Fast Food Jock + Nerd + Artist
Werewolf Jock + Nerd + Rebel (Expired)
Surfer Jock + Artist + Slacker
Heartthrob Jock + Musician + Artist
Country Jock + Musician + Slacker
Homecoming Jock + Nerd + Prep + Artist
Prom Jock + Nerd + Prep + Musician