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Hope's Story II is a special quest in High School Story. It was made to sponser The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying charity dedicated to tackling all forms of online bullying and hate campaigns. The main objective is to help Hope deal with her cyberbullies.


Julian calms down and attempts to help Hope, but he can't see things from her perspective so your character asks a Nerd and Cheerleader for help. Hope feels better, but then discovers she's still getting bullied online because someone found her diary and figured out she had a crush on Asher. She becomes depressed and doesn't talk to anyone. Your character confronts Chelsea, only to find out from Julian that Hope has disappeared.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 The MC
1 hour 600 coins
2 The MC
1 hour 30 minutes 700 coins
3 A Girl Nerd
A Guy Cheerleader
2 hours 800 coins
4 The MC 2 hours 30 minutes 900 coins
5 A Classmate Except Julian 3 hours 1,000 coins

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