Hope is a Wallflower who is a student at the Statton School for Humanities in High School Story. She is the central character in Hope's Story to raise awareness of cyberbullying made in coalition with CyberSmile. She is introduced in the quest, Hope's Story Part I.


Hope has brown hair in a long straight hairstyle, brown eyes and tan skin tone. She wears the Level 1 Wallflower outfit.

Hope's Story

Hope is Julian's younger sister who was being bullied online, and attends Statton School for Humanities. At first she doesn't want to tell Julian of her problems at school, but eventually does. She does not leave her school as she enjoys everything the school offers.

Personality and Characteristics

In contrast to her abrasive and extroverted older brother, Hope is incredibly shy and soft spoken. She is a sweet girl, filled with a desire to be liked by her peers and to fit in. Unfortunately, Hope's introverted nature sometimes makes this difficult and she often keeps her emotions and problems to herself. She is capable of getting angry such as when Julian was trying to figure out why she was upset. Hope can sometimes be too trusting which ultimately caused the bullying incident.



Julian is Hope's older brother. He can be very overprotective of her and, if no one stops him, will resort to violence if anyone hurts her. He still sees her as a child which was shown in Cross-Town Dance when he starts interrogating the person that Payton and the MC sets up with Hope and won't let them dance together. They were incredibly close when they were younger and he cares deeply for her. In Julian's Secret, Hope tells the MC that she misses her older brother because Julian gets annoyed whenever she asks him to hang out with her. This was rectified at the end of the quest and Julian is now making an effort to spend more time with Hope.


Asher is Hope's ex-crush. While at a beach party, Asher kissed Hope, causing one of Chelsea's friends to take a picture of them kissing and sending it to Chelsea. When Chelsea saw the photo, she got really upset and started cyberbullying Hope on the Statton School Gossip Board. Chelsea then realized that Asher was behind this, and broke up with him at his party. Hope decided to report this to the school, along with Chelsea. Then, police patrols are seen outside the school, telling Asher to stay away from them.


Chelsea is Hope's best friend.


  • "Mister Squeaky" is the name of her Pet hamster.
  • Hope is one of the few characters to have a canon age instead of a probable age. When Hope is first introduced she is 14 years old. She later celebrates her birthday in Julian's third fantasy photobooth quest making her 15 years old.
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