Detention Time

Detention can be earned by using the time-cheat, meaning that you change the date on your device in order to fast forward quests, parties, dates and more. When you go back in time and set the date to a previous date, you might earn detention. The lengths of the detention are different, depending on how much you changed the date. When you have detention the app has to be open for the time counter to go down.


  • It is possible to sneak out of detention. This works with iPhones and iPads, if you have a Game Center account. High School Story needs to be synced with Game Center for it to work. This way is not recommended, though, because newly added classmates can disappear if you do this. To do this, you need to delete the app. Be VERY careful when you do this. When you delete the app, it should ask you if you want to delete it from Game Center. It's very important that you choose to KEEP everything. Now that the app is deleted, go and download it again. When you open HSS again the detention should be gone, and you can now continue questing, partying and dating!
  • Detention was unavailable from August to November 2015, as the game required wireless connection.
  • Please note that this doesn't work on any other devices besides Apple devices
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