In the High School Story there are different types of Decorations. Each decoration has different costs. There are many different types of decorations that you can place in your school, such as trees, fountains, paths, benches, and more!

Decorations can be unlocked by opening up plots of land. They can be kept in storage when not in use.


Concrete Path

Description In life, each of us must choose our own path. This is a pretty good one to start with.
Max Capacity 150
Cost 10 coins

Gold Path

Description Will take you to the Wizard...Or you know, to class.
Max Capacity 150
Cost 10 rings

Brick Path

Description Structurally sounder than straw or wood paths.
Max Capacity 150
Cost 200 coins

Slate Path

Description The grass really is greener on the other side... mostly because they don't stomp all over their lawn all the time.
Max Capacity 150
Cost 1,000 coins

Stone Path

Description Choose the path less traveled by.
Max Capacity 150
Cost 2,000 coins

Flower Box

Description When a flower misbehaves, it goes into... the Box. 
Max Capacity 100
Cost 25 coins

Park Bench

Description The ideal place to sit and read between classes. Or instead of going to classes. Reading optional.
Max Capacity 50
Cost 50 coins


Description If a tree falls in the woods... it ends up for sale right here!
Max Capacity 100
Cost 100 coins

Gas Lamp

Description Buy this and gaslight your whole school.
Max Capacity 100
Cost 25 rings


Description Nothing says 'party' like a bunch of festive balloons! That's because helium makes your voice squeaky.
Max Capacity 50
Cost 250 coins


Description When investing in decorations, it's always smart to 'hedge' your bets.
Max Capacity 100
Cost 500 coins

Elephant Bush

Description Elephants never forget. And visitors to your school will never forget how awesome the landscaping is... provided you have this topiary, that is.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 90 rings

Pumpkin Patch

Description You don't have to spend all Halloween night waiting for this great pumpkin to appear.
Max Capacity 50
Cost 4,000 coins

Fire Pit

Description Perfect for making s'mores or huddling around while telling spooky stories! Or maybe both at the same-- Wait, did you hear that? It sounded like footsteps... Guys? ...GUYS?
Max Capacity 25
Cost 5,000 coins

Rose Trellis

Description A rose by any other name would still be growing on this trellis.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 90 rings


Description Gotta go while on the go? This is the Number 1 and Number 2 solution you've been searching for.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 190 rings

Potted Plant

Description Not recommended for defense against encroaching zombie hordes.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 30,000 coins

Box of Puppies

Description And they say money can't buy happiness...
Max Capacity 25
Cost 290 rings

Palm Tree

Description Turns your institute of learning into an island paradise! ...Of learning.
Max Capacity 50
Cost 100,000 coins


Description Perfect for romantic horse rides through the cemetery!
Max Capacity 25
Cost 490 rings


Description No wishing for more wishes! Or more fountains.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 200,000 coins

Taco Truck

Description Yo quiero Taco Truck.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 690 rings

Picnic Table

Description High school ain't no picnic... unless it is!
Max Capacity 25
Cost 250,000 coins

Lion Statue

Description I am statue. Hear me roar!
Max Capacity 25
Cost 300,000 coins

Asian Lion

Description Legends say this ever-vigilant lion will ensure the prosperity of your school... probably by making you one lion statue richer.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 888 rings

Sweets Table

Description Cupcakes, you say? Don't mind if I do.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 500,000 coins

Dino Skeletion

Description For 135 million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Now they decorate your school.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 1,990 rings

Bike Rack

Description We won't be held responsible if your bike gets lost or stolen.
Max Capacity 25
Cost 1,000,000 coins

Snack Cart

Description How ELSE would you transport snacks? By hand? Like a caveman?
Max Capacity 25
Cost 2,000,000 coins


Description Falling is one of the most romantic things water can do!
Max Capacity 25
Cost 2,990 rings


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