Connor Gunn is a Country Guy in High School Story. He is introduced in Level 31 of Extra Credit.


Connor has brown hair in a cropped hairstyle, a stubble, brown eyes and tan skin tone. He wears the "The Colorado" outfit which costs 260 rings.




Connor is first introduced as a football player from the opposing team, but it is revealed that he was also Kallie's old neighbor. Connor is Kallie's best friend from their childhood however, after Connor's family moved away, they never saw each other again. In the final Extra Credit quest, Connor reveals that he had a crush on Kallie when they were kids.


It's shown in the Extra Credit side quests that both Julian and Connor both know a lot about camping and the wilderness. They seem to get along pretty well for this reason.


  • Connor has a dog name Sterling, which Kallie suggested because she thought the name suited his personality.
  • Connor plays the guitar.
  • It is shown in the Extra Credit side quests that Connor knows a lot about camping.
  • He makes his first main story appearance in the quest Hostile Territory.
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