Coins are a type of currency used in High School Story.


Coins are the most common currency and can be earned through a variety of ways; completing Quests, completing Parts of Quests, selecting the correct answer in Mini-Games, answering surveys in The Dish and selling Classmates, Decorations and Hangouts. When selling a Classmate, Decoration or Hangout, you will receive fewer coins (around half) than it cost to purchase them. On the other hand, coins can be used to purchase Outfits, Decorations, Plots, Hangouts and Classmates. Though not all classmates can be purchased with coins, some classmates you may purchase in the store with coins are Jocks of both genders, Preps of both genders, Nerds of both genders, female Artists, female Musicians, male Slackers, and female Class Presidents.


After admitting a classmate and assigning them to a Hangout, classmates will begin to generate Coins for you. These can be collected by tapping on the Hangout only when there is a coin symbol above it, or by tapping the Hangout and then tapping the "Collect" icon. In a classmate's profile, there will be a section for 'coins per hour' (or CpH). This means that that is the amount that they will generate in one hour. To increase the amount of CpH for a classmate, all that is required is to level the classmate up. With every level, they will gain 10 CpH. To level students, buy books from a classroom and then tap "Level". The higher level a classmate is, the more books are required to get to the next level.

Types Of PurchasesEdit

Type Cost Amount
Stack Of Coins $1.99 896,000 coins
Bunch Of Coins $4.99 2,464,000 coins
Locker Of Coins $19.99 10,752,000 coins
Crate Of Coins $49.99 29,120,000 coins
Vault Of Coins $99.99 62,720,000 coins


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