A non-upgraded classroom.

Classrooms are pretty much only used to buy books with Coins, which you can use to level your classmates and your main character.

In-game Description

Long Description

A bunch of upgraded classrooms.

It wouldn't be a school without someplace dedicated to learning. The good news is these classrooms are anything but ordinary. Classrooms sell Books that you can spend to improve your characters.

Short Description

Pencils down, heads up!


The Classroom can be bought from the Store for 2,000 coins and takes 2 hours to build.

At Level 5 the Classroom can be upgraded for 10,000 coins and takes 8 hours to complete.


Output Duration Cost
1 book 30 seconds 20 coins
5 books 5 minutes 100 coins
25 books 30 minutes 500 coins
100 books 2 hours 2,000 coins
375 books 8 hours 7,500 coins
1,000 books 23 hours 20,000 coins
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