Chelsea is a Dancer who is a student at the Statton School for Humanities in High School Story. She is introduced in the quest, Hope's Story Part I.

Chelsea's StoryEdit

At a beach party, Asher tried to kiss Hope, but Hope tried to stop him because she thought that Asher was dating Chelsea. Asher told Hope not to worry and kissed her. At the time, Chelsea actually was dating Asher, and one of Chelsea's friends took a photo of them kissing and posted it online. When Chelsea saw the photo online, she got really upset and started cyber-bullying Hope on the Statton School Gossip Board. At the end of the quest, Hope and Chelsea become best friends.

Chelsea appears in the quest, Battle of the Bands and sings a song called Womanizer by Britney Spears, and says it was about her ex, meaning Asher.

She also appears in Power Play. Chelsea becomes the Statton School for Humanities representative for council until being replaced by Asher.


Chelsea has blonde hair in low pigtails, a permanent smile, brown slanted eyes and tan skin tone. She wears the Level 7 Dancer outfit.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Chelsea comes across as rude and cruel. She instigates the bullying of Hope, because Hope kissed her boyfriend. In the end, she redeems herself by helping Hope report Asher. When she is a member of the Council she is very bossy and was only interested in helping her own school. However, afters she quits, she apologizes for her behavior, saying she let power get to her head.



She shared the same group of friends with Asher. Asher had told them to continue cyber-bullying Chelsea and Hope even after he was asked by them to stop. It is assumed that she no longer considers these people her friends.


Asher is Chelsea's ex-boyfriend. However, he kissed Hope, causing one of Chelsea's friends to take a picture of them kissing and sending it to her. Chelsea then realized that Asher was behind of this, and broke up with him at his party. Chelsea got cyber-bullied, and decided to report this to the school, along with Hope. Then, police patrols are seen outside the school, telling Asher to stay away from them. Now, she only feels disdain and hatred for him.


Chelsea used to bully Hope and even made the bully website. When she realized what she done was wrong, she became friends with her.

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