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Bromantic Comedy is an All-Star Quest in High School Story. It introduces the new All-Star Calvin.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview! None 1500 coins
2* The Usual!
Spend 1100 coins
None 100 books
3 A Fast Food 2 hours 2000 coins
4 Spend 1600 coins None 100 books
5* A Student Gov
A Cheerleader
A Gamer
3 hours 1800 coins
6 An Actor
A Writer
4 hours 2500 coins
7* Have Calvin None 2700 coins

If you don't already have Calvin then Part 7 is time-sensitive, expiring after 7 days.

Please note that even if this quest expires, Calvin will still be available for purchase from the Store. Making the purchase beforehand means you'll receive the reward from Part 7 of the quest.


  • In Part 2 - choose Lean Right! or Lean Left! to receive 250 coins.
  • In Part 5 - choose Dodge as the correct answer.
  • Bromantic Comedy was released on the 28th March 2016.

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