Brigette is a Prep who is a student at Athena Academy in High School Story. She is introduced in the time-sensitive, seasonal quest, Paris Fashion Week and formally introduced in the Main Story Quest, Talent Show.


Brigette has blonde hair in a stacked bob hairstyle, accessorized with a thick gray headband, a permanent smile, brown eyes and fair skin tone. She wears the "Prep School" outfit which costs 20,000 coins.

Personality & Characteristics

Brigette is upbeat, enthusiastic and passionate. She is also a kind and forgiving person as she was willing to give Lacey another chance when she returned to Athena Academy, but that doesn't mean that she can't hold a grudge, as it was mentioned in the quest, Country Club Caper, that Katherine once broke Brigette's favorite plate in fifth grade and Brigette didn't forgive her until a year later.



In Country Club Caper, it appeared as if she was on good terms with Max and Kara.


Mia, despite being her cousin, is also her best friend. In Paris Fashion Week, Mia was invited by Brigette to Paris to model one of her self-designed clothes for the fashion show. It is assumed they are close to one another. Mia was also invited along with her friends to Brigette's 16th Birthday Party.


Katherine is one of Brigette's best friends, along with Lacey. They were almost always seen together while Katherine was still at Athena Academy. However, after Katherine leaves the school, Brigette admits she was lonely and that was why she gave Lacey another chance. They manage to clear the air after apologising to each other.


Lacey was one of Brigette's best friends and was almost always seen together until Lacey was revealed as Pandora and arrested. After Lacey is released, Brigette decides to give her another chance and believes she has changed. They were also a part of the same team in Scavenger Hunt, although she doesn't approve of her and Max cheating.


Zero is Brigette's ex-boyfriend. He broke up with her out of the blue and without giving her a reason. Even now, she is still wants to know why but whenever she tries to talk to him, he runs away out of guilt. It is implied that she still has feelings for him and misses him.


  • She resembles Mia, most likely due to them being cousins.
  • She, along with Zero, makes an appearance in the Earth club help quest.
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