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Bestgamerintheworld24 Bestgamerintheworld24 23 February 2019

hello world

hello world my name is bestgamerintheworld. i am new here. 

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GuavaZ GuavaZ 24 July 2018

i love hss

it's great

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Ismelia Ismelia 5 June 2018

HSS Ending

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place or not, but we're gonna go for it.

Have people seen that Pixelberry has made the decision to end HSS? For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, they announced it today: https://mobile.twitter.com/HSSGame/status/1003789463011581952?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

I'm really interested in other people's thoughts on this. Speaking from my point of view, I've played this game for a long time and stuck with it (if you're wondering just how long I can remember finishing the Mock Trial quest and there being no others yet! Look how far we've come) and I have absolutely loved it. Of course, some quests aren't the best, but for the majority they've done really well at crea…

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Idontknowwhattochoose Idontknowwhattochoose 2 January 2018

Just A Little Bit About High School Story

Play High School Story and create the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and many more classmates to unlock their stories! Plan a surprise birthday party, star in a fashion show, go on a wild spring break beach trip, and discover hundreds of other adventures!

  • Throw parties to unlock over 30 characters!
  • Date your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school!
  • Battle a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more!
  • Put your friends in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties!
  • Make new friends and play their stories!
  • Build your dream school and decorate it with eve…

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Nocelle Nocelle 13 May 2017

Max Warren Theory

Everyone here probably knows Max Warren, "alpha male" of Hearst. Spoiled, self-centered brat who thinks he's hot. And totally is, but still. I have a theory for why he is like this, besides just being so privileged.

Max Warren might suffer from depression.

Please use discretion when reading this, as it might upset some people.

My best friend since I was 8 had depression. She was always really kind, but also was very cocky and acted like the center of the universe. She was hiding suicidal depression behind the mask of arrogance. She killed herself because her family was very anti-LGBT and she was transgendered. She came out at 15-- in her last note to the world. Her parents were broken, both almost empty shells in the next few years. I almost …

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Hss user 21 Hss user 21 6 April 2017


Hello to All HSS LovERs 😘💞💞

Fisrt i would like to give special thanks to HSS wiki for this site and pixelberry ...which is why we are here.

But things need to change ....

I've written a page : 2017 ideas And i hoping it will help.

I feel like we are not visible

If we want to make the BEST of thise site we need action and we need it fast .

I noticed that some people are taking advantage and commenting rude stuff to others ...which is not allowed.That only happens at Hearst high.

I thought we are welcome to edit our site But what im seeing is a bit of clashes.

If i did not care i would have not written this blog .

I love playing HSS and i want the people to play it too.But how will they ever know if we are not ogarnized?

Please visite my page : 2017…

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WikiaLiz WikiaLiz 5 January 2017


Hello people of the HSS wiki.

Let me say something right now.


We need Nishan to come and code a thing that stops people from cursing or bringing up nasty and inappropriate topics that for some reason are being discussed on this wiki on some pages.


But anyways, people are cursing and fortunately they have slowly gotten nicer. But they are being way too slow and they need to hurry up and stop cursing!

So if you agree with me, you can do one of these things.

1. Comment that you agree.

2. Call/Email/Text Nishan to come here right this moment.

3. If you are one of the people who are cursing, STOP PLEASE! (or else Nishan will use his special nerd power to stop you FOREVE…

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ChriiiissssXDDDDDDDDD ChriiiissssXDDDDDDDDD 10 September 2016


High School Story is the Pixelberry's first game released many years ago! It's all about having friends, completing quests, visiting others, improving social skills, living inside the hangouts, collecting coins, gathering books from classrooms, leveling up, partying with friends, meeting and unlocking common, uncommon, rare, ultrarare, A+ classmates and students, studying in the libraries to get pencils, answering extra credits, gathering rings, achieving goals to get tickets, opening boxes to get prizes, dating with special someone, showing romance with main characters, buildings relationships, picking and making your own choices, creating your own stories, buying unique outfits, getting beautiful makeovers, recruiting all-stars, and many…

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Ismelia Ismelia 16 June 2016

Favourite Quests

Okay so maaaaybe I'm just writing a blog post so I can get the award, but I thought it'd be fun to talk about my favourite quests because that's the real reason I play HSS - I like the storylines. Also this is now here as a reference if anyone ever wanted to know what a random person's favourite HSS quests were. 'Cause that would totally happen. Not.

So, in chronological order because I can't pick a favourite, my top five main story quests are:

1: The Showdown

This one has a great nostalgia value, as it's basically the beginning of all the adventures. I know technically it's like the fifteenth quest and they've done so many others things before hand like the science fair and the basketball game, but this is the first quest that features the o…

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The Criminal The Criminal 14 May 2016

Homecoming and Prom

-_- got her

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SurbhiDas2004 SurbhiDas2004 12 May 2016


Hi guys, I'm SurbhiDas(level 10 nerd) writing a blog on my journey through HSS.So, I downloaded this game back in March 2015 and I played till level 5.After that, my tab stopped working it lost all the data.Now, my tab is alright at the moment and right now I'm in level 32 and also have the PROM UPDATE.I really loved all the quests as they have a flow through the whole story.Yes, I did not like the quest time durations in higher levels because it took a long time to finish.Dating has been my favourite!!I really wanted to customize the main characters and in the prom update there is something called MAKEOVERS where you can change the outfits of Julian,Mia,Autumn,Payton and Nishan.Except for 1 outfit for Autumn, rest all are purchased in rin…

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StaceyPlays StaceyPlays 25 April 2016

The All-Star Party...

Alright, lemme tell everyone a little story.

I was messing around on Facebook and decided to check the High School Story page. I read the full additions in the prom update and it said this exactly:


Pull off an epic prom-posal with your friends in "The Prom-posal"... then put on the best prom ever in "The Perfect Prom!" And finally, round up all your classmates for "The All-Star Party!" We have new quests for you every week, so stay tuned."

I've seen the "Prom-posal" quest, and I assume "The Perfect Prom" comes after it but...

What is the "All-Star Party"? Is it like that diamond party thing in Hollywood U where you would get 25 diamonds from every A-Lister you had? Where is this quest? Is it non-existent? Do you need every All-Star …

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SabrinaCarpenterLove SabrinaCarpenterLove 8 April 2016

Inactivity During the Weekend

Hello, guys. I have an announcement:

Due to me having four snow days during my school corporation's winter section of the year when the maximum is three, I will have an E-Learning day. It will be easy, but I won't be active during the weekend due to me working on the assignments online. I have to use an iPad, and the assignments are easy, so it won't be long before I can be active again, which could be on Monday. Again, I won't be active until Monday or earlier. Thank you.

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SabrinaCarpenterLove SabrinaCarpenterLove 20 March 2016

How I Found High School Story Wiki

Well, you may or may not know me, if you do, then hi. I'm SabrinaCarpenterLove, and here's my story of how I got interested in High School Story!

For Christmas in 2013, I got an Android device that didn't have a camera (which was suckish), but it could download pretty cool apps. However, I had to share it with my sister, and I only had the morning with it, no other time. So, my sister downloaded High School Story, but didn't allow me to get onto it. I had to watch her, and I thought, That's cool. Later then, I got a rather amazing surprise: my sister got her own device! I was thrilled. So, I played High School Story a lot. However, my device restarted, and I had to restart HSS. Then, I had to download it AGAIN, but it was on purpose, becaus…

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Loopys78 Loopys78 19 March 2016

Quest Transcripts?


The school term finishes inless than a week, which means I will have more time to help out here very soon! :-)

Anyway, I was thinking: Why don't we write transcripts for all of the quests and put them on the pages for the quests?  There are heaps of people on this wiki at various points of the game, so we could probably trascribe all of the quests in two or three months, tops.

Tell me what you guys think.

- LoopyS78

UPDATE: I added a transcript to the Talent Show quest page so you can see what I mean

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Yateley Yateley 13 March 2016

HSS and me

It's now just over a year since I started playing HSS, on Sat 21st Feb 2015.

I was on Level 10 in less than a week, Level 14 in less than a month, Level 30 in less than a year. I was on Level 16 for 34 days so that was my slowest level.

Very early on I decided I wouldn't purchase any Rings and just play HSS without aid. That didn't last very long, on the 6th March I purchased my first Rings to pay for new Quests. I unfortunately missed the Julian's Secret Quest because it expired without me noticing, since then I think I've only declined two Quests, Zombie Run and The Wes Test. I haven't used Rings on hardly any other purchases except for Quests and All-Stars.

I joined the HSS forums the day after I started playing HSS on 22nd Feb 2015 but didn't …

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Minugahana Minugahana 6 March 2016

Main Character Season Outfits

Ok i've spent the last two days scouring the internet for the oufits that each character has worn for eahc season outfit since the game started (Im a perfectionist which im pretty sure most people have noticed (๑⃙⃘°̧̧̧ㅿ°̧̧̧๑⃙⃘) so i was wondering if anyone would be able to help me? i'm nearly finished the oufits from 2013-2014 but 2015 and this year i haven't finishe yet. looking forward to hearing from you guys! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Tuttifruttichaitea Tuttifruttichaitea 2 March 2016

Infobox Portability

There is a feature where infoboxes can look better on mobile devices and additionally help the pages to load faster. For example, look at the Kallie page. That is an example of a portable infobox. Please tell me whether you think it is better for the infoboxes to go back to where they originally were or for them to be portable.

Tutti 07:39, March 2, 2016 (UTC)

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Tuttifruttichaitea Tuttifruttichaitea 21 February 2016

HSS Types

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Icecream18 Icecream18 14 February 2016

Anyone wanna play HSS with me?

Comment telling me your facebook and I will friend you and give you mine then we can visit eachother.

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Icecream18 Icecream18 9 February 2016

Little Bit of Sugar, Lots of Poison Too ~

Song quote.

Does anyone else feel like HSS has changed? Like with the MH collab and the Lea Michelle thing... it seems like Pixelberry is way more after money now, they have a bunch of pay-to-play quests (which were always there, but way less prominent), the ring hairstyles (the only way to get rings is via paying tbh, or atleast to get a lot of them), the Lea Michelle outfits, all that. They used to be sweet, simple high school sim games owned by a small company, but now they're adding a bunch of glitz and glam features (ex the goals thing, Cupid's Photobooth, the library), they're so much about money and they're overloading us with new features so it's not fun anymore. I noticed this happened to Club Penguin too. Does anyone else feel thi…

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StaceyPlays StaceyPlays 29 January 2016

What Level 10 Outfit next?

Hello there, fellow HSS players! I have just a small little request to make!

I am starting to run out of ideas for which outfits to post next. That's why I'm asking the wiki to tell me which Level 10 Classmate outfit (that is not already posted) to add! I have most classmates, except for all rebel types (except for base).

Thank you all in advance and have fun playing!

~ StaceyPlays ~

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Loopys78 Loopys78 27 January 2016

Established Registered Users?

There are heaps of pages on this wiki that are "locked for editing only by established users". How do you become an established registered user???

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HauwaMo HauwaMo 17 January 2016


Hi everyone!

I've been playing this game on and off since 2014. Nice to meet you all


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Loopys78 Loopys78 17 December 2015

New Pages: Halloween 2015 Content and Platinum Classmates


I've made 6 new pages on the wiki today, and edited a few to bring them in line with the new pages.

First, I've added a page for Platinum Classmates, technically a base type in the game. So far in the game, only Lea Michele is an actual platinum classmate (platinum banner, can be placed anywhere, costs real money). However, the Monster High classmates are also kind of premium classmates, as they can be placed anywhere and cost real money. So that means there are currently 5 in the game.

I also made a page for the monster high classmates, as they have their own banner, so that's technically a base type as well. Also, as the monsters are technically characters in the game, I made pages for all of them.

This is my first time making pages …

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Loopys78 Loopys78 16 December 2015


I'm new here and I wanted to get to know some of the other people here so if you're:

A) Reading this and B) Not me

please introduce yourself below!

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Jewel888 Jewel888 24 November 2015


Hi guys! I know I'm not an admin or anything, but I think these should be rules followed by everyone ;) There's a bit of bad humor in here.

Rule#1: Remember when you're on the Internet, the world can look at what you have done. So when you're off the Internet, the world no longer exists! (Just kidding)

Rule#2: No spamming! Everyone doesn't want to look at spam all the time. Be considerate of your fellow people.

Spammer#1: This wiki has people using it? This. Changes. Everything. (Bad humor alert)

Rule#3: No using expletives! This rule will be enforced by the law-abiding wiki officers. (Aka users)

Rule#4: Don't add separate outfit pages! Add all outfits to the one Outfit page.

Person#1: Sure, I'll follow this rule, but isn't this list kinda bori…

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Jewel888 Jewel888 23 November 2015


Hey guys I wanted to share some of my tips for editing the wiki since I can't get on here a lot anymore...enjoy!

Tip#1: Check out the recently edited page in case some troll decided to add spam in there.

Tip#2: Use the random page button because it lets you cover a lot of areas of the wiki really fast.

Tip#3: Enjoy these tips ;)

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Camellia15 Camellia15 16 October 2015

Which Fantasy Photo Booth date did you like best?

Okay so I'm new at this blog post thing so if I'm doing it wrong let me know.

I just wanted to ask what everyone's favorite fantasy photo booth date is and which ones you want to see more of and which characters do you want dates with that they don't have yet?

I really like the dates with Max but I've always had a thing for bad boys.

Anyways I also think they should do a date with Hope because she's a cool side character and it would be fun to do one with her.

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Raviera Raviera 17 September 2015

I visit HSS wikia everyday

I spend at least 10 minutes on HSS wikia everyday because i love this game. Anyone with me? Please share. Keep on playing.

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Loyal ejdc18 Loyal ejdc18 9 September 2015

Greetings to all!

Hello HSS players. My name is Ejay. Currently a Level 6 Male Nerd as a main character of mine.

I actually started playing this game around August 2014. Unfortunately mine was reverted back to Level 1 with all the hardwork wasted like TWICE already. -_- The first one happened is that while I was playing it (that time I was Level 16 and had vampire genders) it restarted back to loading screen again and after that, it became Level 1 again. It was way back November 2014. The second one was when I accidentally uninstalled it (my latest level was Level 17 when I almost got Koh and I also had both vampire genders). It was way back March 2015. When those things to happened, I was very frustrated that I quitted for like 40 days. For unknown reasons …

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Jewel888 Jewel888 28 August 2015

About Classmate Pictures


One thing I have noticed is that a lot of the classmates don't have complete pictures. Please fix if you can.


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Raviera Raviera 25 August 2015

Adopting the HSS wiki

Hi everyone

There are two admin for this wiki however they have been inactive for full 60 days. I plan to adopt this wiki and nurture it because i love this wiki so much. I have contributed and monitored it everyday and actively answered question. Please leave your opinion. Highly appreciated. Thank you

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Umicorn Umicorn 8 August 2015

My High School Story

Welcome My High School Story Entry One. 

On this blog, I'll list one classmate type and anyone who wishes to can share the students they have that are catorgorized under that type. This is just for fun and I am curious to catch a glimpse of what everyone's High School may be like. 

There will be a new classmate type every Saturday. 

     This Week: Preps

     I'll start. 

I have five preps. One of them is my Main Character , and one of them is Payton. My Main Character is girl with the straight, shoulder-length brown hair, the second skin tone, the first face on the top row and her name is Annette. Annette Isaac Harlem to be exact. She is level 7 and she's Crushing with a Slacker named Hayden/Haydey. 

Another prep I have is a boy named Jones. He…

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Jewel888 Jewel888 11 June 2015

Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Hi! I'm Jewel, and I'm a Level 10 Nerd! I have almost all the rare cliques. If you need help getting a rare classmate, just ask me! I have done all the free quests. (I'm at Level 31)

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Sydnee04 Sydnee04 1 June 2015

GET THE SCOOP about me

hi guys I live in carrollton I am 10 years old I am new to this site. I have two dogs named max and jake my fav color is purple I am entering 5th grade whats gred are you entering

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AnaisHSS AnaisHSS 22 April 2015

Who changed the wiki home page?

Just wondering, who made such big changes to the wiki background, the primary text color, and the front page? It looked a lot better before... The text color is almost impossible to read. Who ever did this, change it back!

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Raviera Raviera 18 January 2015

Why I still play HSS until now

I came accross this game on 17/5/2014, or earlier I think, so I gave it a try. I like the Sims but the android version is not that plausible so I downloaded HSS. I tried it on IOS but It was a complete mess ( I used up all the rings - duh..), so I played it on android. I stayed with HSS until now, a few glitches here and there but the developer tried their best and I do give them chance. Then I came accross this wikia, and I started to contribute because I feel the need to help my fellow HSS players for heads up in the main quest, only the main quest so far. So, Enjoy the game and I will edit and write as much as I can. 



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Adriennathenerd Adriennathenerd 13 December 2014

Newbie and Winter Update

Hello guys! I am new here!

Anyways I'm going to talk about the new winter update.

I love the new extra credit feature! It's great vocabulary study for the ACT and the SAT! The only thing I don't like is the long wait time for pencils. I wish it was like 1 pencil every 2 hours or something like that.

Okay I know I'm such a newb at making these blogs but hopefully I'll improve!


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Pepper24Dalek Pepper24Dalek 26 November 2014

The best and worst of Mia and Nishan

Hi! So this is my second preset character opinion post. I've heard them called rants, so if that makes sense to you, then it's a rant. I don't really know what to call it. Basically, in this I share my good and bad opinions of the Preset characters, last time I did Autumn and Julian, this time I'm doing Mia and Nishan, who are two characters I quite like.


I quite like Mia as a character and she is my second favourite    


  • Mia's character has depth: Although she first comes across as just a rude, spoilt brat, she soon redeems herself and she also has/ had an eating disorder, which I think makes her more relatable than some of the other characters and more interesting


  • That whole thing about 'rich people are always mean': Okay, so I'…

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XXGingerheartXx XXGingerheartXx 19 November 2014

Mia Rant

People are really going to hate on me for this one.

Put your hands together for...


(Slow clap from back row of auditorium) 

To both people who commented on my Mia rant, go you! Thanks.

Anywho, Mia. Backstory check... (deep announcer voice): At first, this girl is displayed as the stereotypical she-villian's sidekick. She is also the principals daughter and the star football player's sister. So we all assume she's annoying, spoiled, and filthy rich. 

But then, she has a complete character change and decides to come to your school and see the pronoun 'she' when talking about her crush, and now debates are everywh-(chokes on air and voice returns to normal). 

What I like about her: she is a whole lot nicer now, and IF SHE IS OR IS NOT GAY, is a…

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Pepper24Dalek Pepper24Dalek 19 November 2014

What I think of all the preset characters...

Hi There! 

Thank you for reading my post, it means so much to me for people to read my opinions. Hope y'all like it.

NOTE: I didn't upload all the photos that I've used myself. So thank you so much to the people who did upload them, you make this wikia a better place.

This post is about my opinions on the High School Story main characters: Autumn, Julian, Payton, Nishan, Sakura, Ezra, Mia, Wes, Koh. It will highlight the good and the bad of each character. This is just my opinion, and I appreciate that people will disagree. I would like it if you could please comment and share YOUR opinion too. :)


Although I don't really like Autumn, I don't hate her as lots of people do. 



  • She is a good first character to meet: I think she sets the…

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DakotaRox DakotaRox 15 November 2014

Hey, new to this website!

Hi everyone! I'm new to this website, and this is my first post, so I thought I would post a bit about myself as a High School Story player. I'm a level 7 jock, and my school is level 14 (when I posted this, I could have leveled up either way since then). Many of my friends also play High School Story, so I have a lot of Dish speech bubbles popping up everywhere when I am playing! My character is (again, when I posted this) dating a level 5 jock named Logan. My favorite pre-programmed player is probably Julian, since he is funny, nice and my agreeing with him a lot during quests have caused our players to be very close friends. I am so close to getting Sakura!!!! I am admitting the second required gamer right now and soon enough I will be …

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XXGingerheartXx XXGingerheartXx 4 November 2014

Autumn Rant

If you read my Warriors Answers blog, you'll see that I have rants on some debated characters. 

Well, that's what I'm going to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together (or just keep them at your sides) for:


At first (because I've had to restart the game once), I liked Autumn. She was okay, and related a bit to me: a shy artist. Then, when I had to restart at about level fifteen, I realized how annoying she was.

First off: her and Julian. This was a big no-no. In some cases, such as in certain movies or books, two crushes are completely different, yet are perfect together. Here, this was not the case. Julian I don't even think understands Autumn half of the time. Autumn whines about nothing and complains and tries to get comfort…

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XXGingerheartXx XXGingerheartXx 1 November 2014


This is my one and only blog. So... I love this game. Yeah. Okay.

The only thing that bothers me are the convos in the Mia section. That's really all I have to say. 

Ginger out.

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Loralie1314 Loralie1314 29 October 2014

The first

Okay I'm new here.

This is my first blog post, so just bear with me. I live in California, USA. My favorite color is blue. I love painting, sculpting, and photography. Football is my favorite sport. Go NY GIANTS!!! lol Yeah they're not doing so well this year. I love country, metal, and rock music. I was a huge fan of Taylor Swift before her new album 1989, now I'm not so sure. My favorite number is 14 and Taylor's is 13...hence 1314 in my username. So yeah...

That's it for now,


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AnaisHSS AnaisHSS 28 October 2014

Werewolf Petition

As all HSS players with the new Halloween update know, werewolves and vampires will be gone by the end of this update. I've made a petition supporting the extended stay of werewolves and vampires until the end of the year. Please sign it! Since vampires & werwolves are difficult to party for, this is a very good idea! 



The goal is 40,000 signatures! I know this sounds like a lot, but with a lot of effort, we can do this!

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AnaisHSS AnaisHSS 20 October 2014

Halloween Update 2014

It has come to my attention that the Halloween Update for iOS has been rejected by. High School Story has resubmitted the update to Apple, and hopefully it will pass. So please, do not panic that you do not have your update if you are on iOS. If all goes well, we'll hopefully get it this week.

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HighSchoolQueen HighSchoolQueen 11 October 2014


Hey everybody! How are you today? So today I am going to post some pics that have been kindly donated by hss users.

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AnaisHSS AnaisHSS 31 August 2014

Back To School Update!

The sun’s setting on summer vacation, and some students are already going back to school. The stars are shining in the night sky, and all a fellow needs is a tank of gas in your pickup and a scuffed-up six-string… wait a minute, why does this update description sound like a country song? It might have something to do with the new classmate type that just rolled into town!

In this update:


Country folk are joining the school, and they’re bringing some hot guitar licks to get your boots tapping! So, put on your ten-gallon hat and swing your partner round and round! Yeehaw!


The closet is overflowing with brand-new outfits, including country-inspired styles like the Bluebottle Belle and the Nashville Starlet! And if do…

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